You're resisting Happiness. STOP. Here's how:

I recently devoured The War of Art by Steven Pressfield in about 3 hours. In a nutshell, this powerhouse of a book presents the idea that:

When creating & doing things in the name of the life that’s begging to live through you, in the name of your destiny, in the name of truth, you will meet resistance. MASSIVE internal resistance that often externalizes itself through:

Getting ourselves into trouble
Self dramatization - making things into things.
Self medication
Victimhood - I can't do this because this happened to me
Criticism - perfectionism, etc
Self doubt - not qualified, not there, etc
Grandiosity - it’s just so big, I’ll never get there. And I’m not there, so there’s no point.
Healing - I need to be this before I can do that.
Rationalization - money, time, responsibilities, etc

Pressfield shares his idea that the only choice one needs to make so they might overcome these resistances is to, in his words, “go pro.” In his outline of what going pro looks like, Pressfield suggests you must:

1. Show up every day.
2. Show up no matter what.
3. Stay on the job all day.
4. Commit for the long haul.
5. Acknowledge how high the stakes are - food, shelter, survival.
6. Accept payment for your labor.
7. Do not over identify with your pursuit.
8. Master the technique of your job.
9. Have a sense of humor about your job.
10. Receive praise or blame for your job.

If you have a job right now where you work and make a paycheck, my guess is that you do what you’re told, no matter how much you hate it. You do this because you’re a professional and you care. And you want to be respected and you want to make money so that you can support yourself and live. 

Then, my guess is there are the areas of your life that you wish you could do full time. But they're still just hobbies, or, as Pressfield calls them, our amateur pursuits. If you’re like most of the world, true & lasting happiness is an amateur thing you dabble in every now and again. It's a lovely idea that you enjoy the thought of. You take vacations, on the weekend you'll go have a good time with friends, however, there are too many demands in life to put happiness first, all day, every day. And it would be irresponsible of you to do this, right? 

THIS COULD NOT BE MORE FALSE. AND IT IS THE BIGGEST FORM OF RESISTANCE THAT WE MEET IN THIS LIFE. To find the lasting fulfillment, comfort, peace, joy, and sense of aliveness we're all after, the ONLY thing you need to do is go PRO on your happiness. It's important to pause and define what happiness is:

Happiness is a choice.
It is a state.
It is a vow.
It is a path.
It is a way of life.

It is NOT an emotion. It is NOT something that can come and go. Again, it is a way of life.

Often we resist things when we don't understand how they'll serve us right now. Happiness being on of those things. How will happiness pay our bills? How will happiness help to make sure I have food on my table? How will happiness help me retire? And so on.

In my eyes, here are a few immediate pay offs to going PRO on your happiness:

+ Fewer car accidents & less traffic (quicker commute, more time, etc) - patience saves lives
+ Less disease, unexpected doctor's bills, and hurting hearts from sudden passing of loved ones - a body controlled by the mind manifests the blocks & negativity upstairs
+ More opportunity (just from the two about we have more time & money)- and, more importantly, when your goal is feeling peace, not obtaining a status, you're more likely to take a risk - with more risk, comes more reward (whatever that is to you)
+ Deeper connection - to everything. And that's the whole goal, right? To feel, to experience, to truly know what it feels like to LIVE? And where there is connection, there is synchronicity, which leads to opportunity, which, when taken, leads to dreams fulfilled.

Remember: you are a magnent for whatever is going on inside of you. If you are angry, you will generally have a day where you're met with more external resistance and anger. If you're at peace, you'll generally have a day when you're met with friendlier faces and an easier flow through your day.

You're resisting your happiness because it's your destiny.

The small mind is scared that when we reach our destiny, there is nowhere else to go. In truth, when we reach our destiny, we're full of projects & ideas to keep us busy for an eternity.

These things in mind, I want you to go PRO on your happiness. Right now. Take a look at the 10 step GO PRO list above, and outline what each step looks like for you in relation to your lifetime pursuit. When you're showing up every day, what does that manifest itself as activity wise? What mental choices do you need to shift in terms of your relating to the world to stay on the job all day long? What type of things do you need to disengage from (hint: gossip, complaining, excuses, etc).

Notice the resistance that pops up immediately upon me even suggesting this idea. This is the war. And your job is not to fight it. Your job is to smile, and gracefully walk away from it and continue on the path of creation, the path of life, the path of happiness.

To live happiness (notice I did not say in, for it is not a destination), one must meet with peaceful resistance all of the artilleries of fear, depression, anxiety, doubt, shame, loathing, and listlessness that live in the mind. You must disengage from the fight, and instead engage in the daily maintenance of your internal stamina and center of strength. It will not always be easy. In fact, if you are walking the proper path of happiness, it will often be be quite trying - remember, that which is your destiny brings about the most resistance. It will ask more of you than anything else in this life. But again, with more risk, there comes more reward. When more is asked of you, you deliver more than you ever thought possible.

Without challenge, there can be no growth. 

There is a life of adventure, incredible peace and limitless creativity that is asking to live through you right now. And it needs you to start showing up for it like it's your only job. Because it is. 

My darling, your life is your priceless work of art. One that only you can make. Each step you take, each breath that fills and drains from your body, these are the brushstrokes gently painting a breathtaking piece of living art this world has been waiting for.

I leave you with this question:

Is looking at a picture of the view from the top of a mountain as good as experiencing the view for yourself?

Happiness is your mountain. And you’re here to climb it every single day. Show up, sweat, and push yourself up to the top. And remember, the same path can be as fun or as miserable as your thoughts about the path, make it.

All my love,