So you got what you wanted. Now what?

Reflections for the startling moment of victory….

So you got what you wanted?

ENJOY IT. Dance with it. Play with it. Celebrate it.

Celebrate yourself for actually doing the damn thing. Whatever it is, you had to maintain faith in the face of fear to get it. You had to say yes when everything in you was saying, “No.” You replaced complaints with hope, questions with trust,  doubt with determination.

You dove deep into the grace of your grit and you kept a dream alive.

You knew what you were after. You were willing to grow. So, you got what you wanted. Take a moment and honor how HUGE that is. That means you transcended what your mind thought possible at one point in time. You didn’t take what it had to say as truth - no matter how convincing the chatter may have been at times. You finally decided to take a few things upstairs as nothing more than an opinion. An opinion that you wanted to see and experience the other side of.

And you went. You grabbed onto the hands of those waiting where you wanted to be, and you trusted them to guide you on your way up.

Soak in this moment. Savor its tenderness. Its victory. Its magic.

Saturate yourself so fully in the magnitude of what you’ve accomplished that there isn’t a single speck of mental space available for old opinions to take up residency in your new reality. Let the frets, the hemms, the haws, the "yea, but's," know that you’ve moved forward. And if they’d like to move forward with you, they most certainly can! IF, and only if, they dance in the clothes of new truths. New paradigms. New possibilities. For this is a time of expanded destiny.

You got what you wanted  because of your eventual intolerance for what you didn’t want. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. And now, now's the sweetest time of all. Because now you know that any time you’ve got a desire, it’s really just a direction. You CAN and always will get exactly what you want if you just continue to mind, garden, and grow with the thoughts and actions and choices that support the new you. Plucking out and tossing all that hinders its growth. 

Remember, the peanut gallery chatting away in your head is just full of opinions. And you get to decide which ones you keep.

Keep walking. Keep listening to the voices singing songs that make you feel alive. The ones that remind you that you’re free. Dance with the ideas that remind you of your limitlessness.

You’re sparkling, shining, and running freer than you’ve ever been.

Keep at it. You’re here for greatness.

Sarah MillerComment