How to get your motivation back.

It sucks. That moment when you've been flying high, and then out of nowhere, SMACK. You hit a wall. And try as you might to wrap your head around getting yourself back into the air, you just can’t be bothered. You can’t be bothered to go for a run. Hit the gym. Take a few extra minutes and prep some solid food for yourself. You can't be bothered to stop scrolling social media and go tackle paying bills, or making that difficult phone call. You can be bothered to sit down and meditate. You can’t be bothered to call a friend and unload.

You can’t be bothered to do the things that you know will make you feel better - not because you don't want to, but because there is this heavy weight sitting on top of you that's keeping you from it. And you've got no idea how to lift it off.

And doesn’t it always seem that these moments creep up when you’ve been on a motivation high? It’s the moments when you’ve been crushing your goals. You’ve been on point in your work. Had the best jokes when you go out with friends. You’ve been feeling so ALIVE. And then BOOM. It’s gone. Just like that. The aliveness seems to have just slipped out of you overnight and all you can think about is chocolate bars, coffee, wine, and lying vertically on the couch for hours.

This pendulum swing is the natural law of physics - often we forget that they apply to our minds too! And the sudden loss of all motivation, the wall, it’s something called an upper limit - the other side of the swing you're a part of. It means you’ve grown, expanded, swung so far in the direction of your greatness, that you’ve gotta just ride the momentum carrying you along the journey.

So really, losing your motivation is a GREAT THING.

It’s a moment that you can take as a sign you’re on the right track. Retrain your mind, right now, to meet the sudden lack of motivation with excitement and a knowing that things are getting juicy. Greet these moments with the same willingness you’ve had to show up to your aliveness every day prior - I touched more on this topic in this post here. -  and give yourself permission to take a slight pause.

In that pause, here’s what you do:

1. Take a moment and reflect on just how far you’ve come. Reflect on where you were one year ago from today. What was it like to live as you in this moment last year? Pin point three ways you’ve really expanded even further into the best version of you yet. Write them down, and reflect on the journey that carried you from point a to b.

These could be things like growing in your career, picking up a meditation practice, learning the value of play, going to bed with a lighter heart than ever before, having a really sexy bod finally, living with a deeper self awareness, no longer caring wtf other people think, whatever feels right to you. Toot your own damn horn, will ya??

2. Come back to your why. Why did you start doing the things that you're resisting right now anywho? What got you going before?  

And as you reflect, explore whether the activities you can't seem to tackle are still serving your growth or not. Your lack of motivation may be a push in a new direction if they aren't.

Example: Can’t seem to make it to the gym? Why are you going, anyway? If it’s because you feel like you have to, well, you aren't going to show up for very long. And you either need to find a deeper sense of why, or if that's not possible, find another activity to move your body that feels better.

if you know your why is because you truly desire to know how good you can feel, if it’s because you want to be able to have more energy for hikes with your beloved, if it’s because you want to be able to free yourself into the fun of life without the limiting self conscious thoughts about your body, and the process HAS been giving that to you, well, then it's time to just recommit. And maybe spice things up a bit. Give yourself something new to look forward to in this next chapter.

3. What can you do, right now, to celebrate your journey, celebrate the work you’ve done, honor your desire to rest, but will also in turn make you feel great and not like you've walked ten steps backward, but instead garnered the strength to go forward clearer and with more ease than ever before.

Perhaps your loss of motivation is simply telling you it’s time to reflect, celebrate, and enjoy the fruits of your labor so you don’t get lost in constant forward motion. To treat yourself to a moment of glory & reflect on where you're going from this moment. Some of my favorite ways to take this little moment of reset are baths, massages, sensory deprivation tanks (or floating as it is also called), essential oil meditations, and days spent with no phone, immersed in nature. Pick something that ALWAYS makes you feel high flying after you do it - and put it in your calendar right now.

Everything we're doing each day is so that we can ENJOY OUR LIVES more. We’re doing all this business we call life to have fun, to love, to connect. But we forget that. Loss of motivation most often comes when the joy is not present in the process.

I have to remind myself every single morning that I only get this day once. And I can either go to bed feeling like it was a flub, or like I really truly savored the sweetness of my own existence. Squeezed out all of the juice of that day.

Squeeze the juice from your days. And drink in the sweetness.

In truth, you never lose motivation, you simply need reminding to celebrate and recalibrate in your new state of awareness and accomplishment. The whispers of your why propelling you forward are asking you to let your mind step outside of the picture and rest for a bit, and allow them to step in and take over for a bit so you can go even higher. Let them!

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Remember: You're the darkness and the star of your own night sky.

Love you.


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