the 14 day body booster

The Body Booster is A:

14-Day Nutrition based, 

Bloat Blasting, 

Confidence Restoring

& Body Transforming Plan.

I can’t believe I’ve lost half a stone in my first week already!
— Annie

The Body Booster is for you if:

+ You're busy, but you've got time for a quick food shop.

+ You're willing and ready to learn to eat for fitness & cook for yourself.

+ You're ready to bounce out of bed in the morning and have loads of energy.

+ You're ready to slip into those clothes that are strictly reserved for the "skinny days" EVERY day.

Coming to the end on my Body Booster with The Body Project and feeling amazing. So happy and grateful you helped me achieve my goals. Thanks so much, guys!
— Lou R

The Body booster includes:

✓ 14 days of meal plans designed to shred fat & ramp up your metabolism

✓ Delicious, easy & quick to make recipes for every meal

✓ Daily shopping lists to make your life that much easier

✓ Crucial nutrition information specifically centered around eating for fitness and fat loss

✓ 7 days of daily email support & accountability to keep you on track

I’m wearing one of my work dresses today that I haven’t worn in two summers and it’s not even tight!
— Nat

The Body booster is perfect for:

✓ Beating post holiday bloat

✓ Gearing up for a trip to the beach

Upcoming parties & weddings that you want to turn heads at

✓ Kickstarting a wardrobe overhaul

Looking and feeling better...just because you deserve to

Is learning to feel this good worth just £2.78 per day?


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Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel...

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