health coaching

✓ Are you looking to create the perfect health & fitness routine to suit your lifestyle?

✓ Do you feel confused about about what and when to eat?

✓ Are you tired of relying on coffee to get you through the day?

✓ Do you want to feel fit and healthy but don’t know where to begin?


If you’re looking for permanent weight loss, a healthier, more relaxed relationship with food, or if you want to learn how to stick to a workout routine, love exercise, reap the benefits and finally feel more body confident, you're in the right place. Clemmie can help you turn things around by developing a way of eating and exercising which suits you and your lifestyle through our online body project programmes.

I really like the organisation and clear stated goals in each monthly plan. Clemmie is also lovely and motivating. It’s nice being able to message her when I’m confused about something.

You'll learn:


✓ Healthy lifestyle tips to help you wake up feeling inspired, happy and energised every day.

✓ Ways to stop relying on coffee or caffeine to get you through the day.

✓ Recipes to make your skin glow.

✓ Tips to satisfy your cravings so you never feel hungry (or guilty!).

✓ Healthy snack ideas to keep at your desk or eat on-the-go so you always feel prepared.

✓ Personalised workout tips to take your body to the next level.

✓ Receiving tools for Relaxation, Stress-Management, and Success Visualisation.


You'll get:


✓ A Personalised Health & Fitness Programme created by Mikey & Clemmie

✓ Personalised Goal Setting document complete with progress tracker.

✓ Weekly support, inspiration and encouragement.

✓ A list of healthy eating must-haves, cupboard basics and supplement advice.

✓ Morning rituals to start your day off positively.

✓ Bedtime rituals for a peaceful, recharging sleep.

✓ Monthly progress shots to keep you motivated and focussed.


I would never have been able to get where I am without Clemmie and Mikey. They have held my hand through my body project and it has completely changed my life. I feel and look better than I ever have in years! thanks so much guys


All our plans come with monthly payment options to make life a little easier for you, because we want you to have the opportunity to succeed!


please note:

The below coaching programmes are not for you if you wish to adopt a quick-fix, crash-diet approach that is based on deprivation. Instead, this process is about a transformative journey that creates Long-lastingSustainable and Healthy changes. The longer the time frame the more we are able to formulate solid strategies to assist in overcoming barriers and reaching bigger goals.


*Health Coaching only

4 WEEK PLAN - £99.00

payment plan available: £25 per week

* * *
Looking for a few quick tips to feel healthier (and happier)?

 Need a few go-to breakfast or snack ideas? Or just want a quick food inspiration session with Clemmie?

If you’re looking for a jump-start to feeling great, this one time private coaching session will leave you feeling super inspired and motivated.  

* * *


✓ 1 x Private Coaching Session with Clemmie via phone or email.

✓ 4 Week Body Project Health Coaching Programme.

✓ Lots of tips on healthy swaps so you can start incorporating new foods and habits right away.

✓ Weekly support via email.

let’s get started.



8 WEEK PLAN - £397.00

payment plan available: £49 per week

* * *

Are looking to make concrete improvements to your lifestyle and habits?

Would you like more advice on meal planning, recipe ideas and email & phone support between sessions?

If you are ready for a complete lifestyle overhaul and want to get back on track with personalised support and accountability each month, then this programme is for you.

* * *


✓ 1 x Private Coaching Sessions via phone or email, every week. 

✓ 8 Week Body Project programme.

Daily Support via email or WhatsApp. 

* * *

 Ready to love what you see in the mirror?

15% discount applied with bootcamp packages!

Have a few q's?

* Most of our coaching is online via Skype or Facetime. This also means I offer International coaching sessions. In-person meetings can be arranged upon request.

Disclaimer: This program is not therapy or a replacement for therapy.