there is nothing more addictive for me than watching my clients smash their goals.
— Mikey
Your home. Your office. Your local park. Or even that dusty unused shed. I can transform any space into your training ground and help you fall in love with fitness.
— Mikey



Mikey is a passionate, motivating London based personal trainer who also happens to be a really nice guy. From a young age, he developed a passion to push his ideas of what’s possible and see far off goals become realities. Competing in both powerlifting &  body competitions he knows what it takes to get from where you’re at to where you dream of being.

In truth, his work is fuelled by an inner transformation. The physical exercises are a gateway into finding inner and outer strength, owning your willpower, and walking with confidence.

It’s on this path that you are ultimately lead to finding your SELF again.

Being a PT for two years at the legendary GYMBOX in Central London, Mikey has gained extensive knowledge on how to train others from different levels of fitness and how to help each and every one of his clients achieve their goals and create even bigger ones.

Mikey is so lovely and has honestly changed my life! I am feeling incredible and have only been with him for three months. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great PT who will get you amazing results !


✓ Weight loss

✓ Muscle gain

✓ Sports performance enhancement

✓ Chronic muscular rehabilitation

✓ Post natal exercise



Level 2 - Fitness Instructor

Level 3 - Personal Trainer

T3 HIIT Instructor

Level 3 Outdoor Fitness 


Being a new father has also helped me expand my knowledge in fitness. I was my partners personal trainer during and post pregnancy. With the special knowledge I’ve obtained, I am now able to help other mums.
— Mikey

After just two months with Mikey I feel transformed, healthy and almost like a totally different person.I am now proud of my appearance and love catching a glimpse of myself in mirrors - thank you Mikey!! ‘’



1 hour = £60

*Discounted blocks available 



Worth £60!



success stories

Mikey is bloody brilliant and I couldn’t recommend him enough! He has completely transformed me and I will be eternally grateful for everything he has taught me, he is incredible!
‘’I cannot thank Mikey enough for not only transforming my body and the way i eat & think about food, but for boosting my confidence and how i feel in my own body. I have always been active and eaten well, but having their knowledge guide me to understand how to target specific areas when training and how certain foods impact my body has been incredible - I’ve learnt a lot and the difference is encouraging. After only 10 weeks with them i have seen a huge physical transformation and rather than hiding behind baggy clothes, I have started wearing clothes that show off my new shape and muscle (yes, muscle!) They have always spurred me on and made me feel like I’m invincible and that encouragement pushes me to keep working harder each week. I can’t wait to see my progress in the coming weeks and what Mikey has in store for me.”
What a crazy journey the past few months have been! I feel like a completely different person. great things happen when you fill your life with positive vibes and an amazing trainer!”

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