Project Happiness is your monthly road map through the inner chatter that’s keeping you from living as the unapologetic, sexy, confident you you’re longing to be.

Resident mental coach, Sarah x

About Project Happiness.

Author, Sarah Miller, shares her story.

Hey hott stuff. I'm Sarah - here to walk with you along the Project Happiness highway. Heads up: it's a lifelong journey.

My philosophy: you're here to be human, not perfect. 

After a pretty rocky start to life, my body was the only thing I had control over and I took it.

I became the epitome of health. And have never felt worse in my life. Every day I was eaten alive bythis chatter in my head that kept me from showing up at the gym, or pushed me to show up too much; chatter that spiraled me into months of starving myself or binging out of control; and chatter that tore my confidence to pieces. I didn't feel allowed to wear sexy dresses or say hey to cute strangers on trains and in coffee shops, let alone make a decent amount of money in my jobs.

It was only when I started addressing the chatter and had a willingness to show up and love myself exactly where I was at, even when I didn't like where that was, that my body started to feel good and I was able to make deeper longings like forgiving my father in prison for a lifetime of abuse, running my own business leading others on their own journey of healing & wearing cute bikinis on the beach - happen.

I've teamed up with Clemmie & Mikey to make all the years of messy mental batter I went through way easier for you.

Each month, you can expect to learn simple ways to make loving yourself exactly where you're at even easier. If you've ever got a question, a topic, a "I just don't understand how people do this" bug biting you every five seconds, click here & send it my way