f you’ve never heard of proats before then LISTEN UP! Your life is about to be transformed.

So first of all, cornflakes for breakfast just ain't gonna hack it if you are serious about your fitness goals. Not only will you be hungry in an hour but sadly, there a many hidden sugars in refined grains. When blood sugar goes up rapidly, it tends to go down just as quickly. When blood sugar goes down, we become hungry and more likely to make bad food choices throughout the day. Your body doesn't have time for excuses, whatever you put in it WILL have an affect on how your function so why not function perfectly all the time?

Let's talk about #proats baby

The health benefits of oats are endless. Then you add protein and it goes to another level. Proats are basically a high-protein porridge, ideal for breakfasts, snacks or post-workout meals. I tend go to all natural with my creations to squeeze as much nutritious value as I can into each bowl. That said, there is really no limit as to how you style out your #proats and there are some pretty incredible concoctions out there.

Today I am going to show you how to make this beautiful bowl of goodness, full of wonderful ingredients to give you enough energy and strength to carry you through a hectic morning schedule or to re-fuel after a massive workout! Macros included of course. 

This will definitely not be the last of my #proats posts so stay tuned for more delicious recipes....over-night oats next! 

Cherry Coconut Oats



35g of Mornflake Oats (soaked over night for best consistency)

1 x scoop MyProtein vanilla whey Isolate

40g Musclefood Liquid egg white


1 x tbsp dessicated coconut

5 dark frozen cherries

1 tbsp Cashew nut butter

2 tsp chai seeds

10g Sainsbury's Hazlenut Chocolate spread


P46g / F26g / C54g / Total Cals = 646

How to:

1. On a low heat, cook the the oats and splash of water together until oats are almost cooked.

2. Add the egg whites and stir continuously until thick and creamy adding more water if necessary.

3. Leave to cool for 2-3 mins

4. Stir in protein powder

5. Pour into a bowl and add toppings. Finish with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.


Clemmie x