How to Deadlift

Let's face it, any exercise is good exercise but there are some that just stand out when it comes to dramatically improving your body composition so today we are going to talk about:


Why Deadlift?

Compound exercises such as deadlifts use more than one muscle group and when done correctly, effectively target the muscles in your butt, thighs, calves, abs, upper /lower back and core...its the ultimate multi-taster so definitely deserves a place in your routine. That said, it is tricky to master but don't be afraid....everyone starts somewhere!

Because deadlifts are a full body workout, it also improves posture. As most of us spend our days crouched over a computer screen, tapping away - we rarely have time to think about our posture which, over time begins to create un-even body frames, not so sexy. Posterior training balances our body, creating a much better posture whilst making us look taller and slimmer!

How to perform the perfect deadlift.

Ok so now let’s get down to the technique of performing a good deadlift. During the history of bodybuilding people have created various types of DL like Romanian, Sumo, kettle bells, and trap-bar deadlifts. Primary muscles will always be the quads but different lifts trigger different types of lower body muscles. I’m going to talk though the conventional Deadlift.

Start with a small weight like 5kg to get the technique right after that you can fill up your ego and wack on 5 plates. Place your feet underneath the bar with your grip at shoulders width apart. Bend your knees with your feet facing forward and making sure your back is straight. 


  • Chest out
  • Back straight
  • Hold your breathe and LIFT!

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