Shredding for the Wedding

We would like to dedicate this blog post to one of our lovely client's Ashton who began her journey with us at the end of February 2016. With her wedding day in sight, her main goal was to tighten up, lose a bit of fat and most of all, feel 100% confident in her wedding dress on her big day.

What Ashton has achieved in less than 6 months is nothing short of amazing. From the outset, she has got stuck into our Flexible Dieting approach along with the challenging workout programmes we set for her and the results do not lie! Ashton is a great example of someone who has listened to all our advise, stuck to the plan and persevered when it got tough. 

7 Day Body Booster

With any fat loss programme, the initial weight loss happens relatively quickly whilst your body is introduced to a new way of life and is forced to use up existing fat stores, fast. However, our bodies are resistance to change so weight loss plateau's are to be expected several times during your weight loss journey (if you do not experience a weight loss plateau, consider yourself very, very lucky!) Naturally, the closer Ashton got to her ideal weight, the harder it was to drop fat.  This is when we introduced her to our 7 DAY BODY BOOSTER PROGRAMME complete with a structured, easy to follow meal plan full of tasty high protein / low carb recipes and a daily juice. Not only did this do wonders for Ashton's body but it also helped  re-boot her metabolism and activate her fat burning genes which saw her lose an extra  3lbs of fat in one week!

We highly recommend the 7 day Body Booster for anyone wanting to drop weight/fat quickly for an event, increase their energy levels or re-boot their metabolism during our weight loss programme. Get in touch for further details -

Before and After

Ashton has lost a total of 1 stone (7kg) in weight and converted a considerable amount of fat into lean muscle which has allowed her to 'tighten' up everywhere. This is a massive result for Ashton who wanted to look super lean and toned in her wedding dress this month.

In Ashton's words

''I joined The Body Project 6 months ago and haven't looked back since! Clemmie and Mikey have been there guiding me, laughing with me, supporting me and cheering me on every step of the way and I have never felt more confident or comfortable in my own skin.

The freedom of flexible dieting initially made me sceptical until I saw results from as little as 2 weeks into the plan and soon I began to learn exactly what my body needed to feel and perform at it's best, with flexible dieting now being second nature to me and something that I have fully incorporated into my life. I've always been active in the gym but never saw results and Mikey's training programme not only pushed me to the max but also taught me what I needed to do to achieve a lean and strong body.

Clemmie and Mikey have literally changed my lifestyle and I have never felt so fit and healthy, I really cannot thank them enough for the positive effect they have had on me in such a short period of time. I now cannot wait to walk down the aisle and know that I will feel my best!

Thank you both for everything xxx''

A note from us...

Ashton thank you so much for all your hard work. You look absolutely amazing and we can't wait to see the wedding pics!

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