This months Body Project Transformation story goes to our lovely client,  Rosanna, who has only been on our coaching programme for 2 months (!) and has not only lost over a stone in weight (8kg) and inches off her entire body, but she has gained gallons of body confidence and is on track to reach her goal size for her wedding - we couldn't be prouder!

In her words, Rosanna shares her journey so far...

I have always struggled with my weight and it has fluctuated since I was little. I am getting married next year so I wanted to do something drastic yet sustainable to look the best that I could for the big day. Lou Pond Jones, a good friend of mine was my real inspiration. I saw a picture of her on Instagram, and the transformation was so incredible. 

lou Pond Jones  has lost a total of 4 stone (25kg) with The Body Project in under 12 months!

lou Pond Jones  has lost a total of 4 stone (25kg) with The Body Project in under 12 months!

I had to find out how she achieved this amazing body!

Having researched other diets, following The Body Project on instagram and generally looking for a diet and lifestyle plan that fit in with my life/work - it was fairly easy to see that Body Project was the one for me. Clemmie and Mikey seem so committed to what they do and clearly have seen the results themselves.

It was easy to say yes...

I was really excited to start the The Body Project and I was a little nervous I guess just because when you “sign up” for a diet plan such as this, you are committing to a long term life change and if you do it half heartedly, it won’t work. I was nervous about the amount of exercise that I would be doing compared with usual and now, as I’m writing this, I can’t imagine my life without it!

Maybe a bit of a cliche, but definitely reducing the amount of wine I consume. I LOVE rose wine and wouldn’t think twice about sharing a bottle with my best friend or other girlfriends during the week. It’s the sad truth that alcohol isn’t good for any kind of weight loss so that was quite a challenge to reduce how much wine I was drinking.

Also, the early morning get ups for the gym - but now that is second nature to me

As well as having Clemmie and Mikey to constantly pat you on the back which is very motivating, I have to say that the comments I receive from people is one of the main things that keeps me going. It started happening quite quickly but people would say that I’ve lost weight or I’m generally looking better and that little ego massage really spurred me on

Putting on a pair of jeans that I've not been able to fit into for almost 10 years was the best moment.

AND basically having a whole new wardrobe without going on a huge shopping spree. I”m so glad I didn’t throw any clothes away. I’m sure there will be more rewarding things to come but for me!

After just two months with The Body Project I feel transformed, healthy and almost like a totally different person.I am now proud of my appearance and love catching a glimpse of myself in mirrors!

I have noticeably more natural energy.

Before The Body Project, I wasn’t able to get out of bed and felt quite sluggish at work in the morning and would need a LOT of coffee to get me through. Now, I am more spritely in the morning and can get up and to the gym by 7am. I also have noticed that my eating patterns have changed and I only get hungry around my normal meal times so I find it very easy not to snack during the day

I have learnt that routine is the best way for me to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Sticking to a routine helps me to keep things on track and if I deviate from the routine, it can mess things up slightly.

I have also learnt that I am actually able to exercise and get toned which isn’t something I have ever experienced before. I’ve not been massively overweight but I haven’t been one of those people who would be happy to work out in the gym with shorts and a sports bra - but now I am feeling more like that kind of person!

I would highly recommend the Body Project to anyone who is keen and committed to changing not just their body but their lifestyle as well. There is nothing better than having people tell you how brilliant you look and it’s even better knowing that it is because of hard work and dedication.

I am super excited to keep going and to see where I will be in another 3 months time!

Rosanna x

As as reward for staying on track and smashing her monthly goals, Rosanna has been invited to London's biggest & best gym, GYMBOX for a complimentary 1:1 personal training session with Mikey worth over £80!

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