This month goes to our incredible client, Lou who has come such a long way in just over a year and we couldn't be prouder of her! She came to us in January 2016 with a goal to lose weight for her wedding in September 2017. Having struggled with her weight for many years, she was determined to change her lifestyle for good and finally get out of the yo-yo dieting rut. We created a programme for Lou that was designed around her busy lifestyle as a producer whilst ensuring she still enjoyed meals out with her friends which was very important to her. 

Lou is a perfect example of consistency. There are no shortcuts when it comes to long-term body and lifestyle changes. All it takes is a goal, commitment, hard work and patience and the results will follow! 

Lou is a new person, quite literally. Her confidence beams, her skin is glowing and she turns heads when she walks through the door. This is only the start for Lou. She got the body she has always wanted, she has the tools to keep off the weight forever and we can't wait to see her dazzle everyone on her wedding day this year!

Lou shares her story...

I had been struggling with my weight for years but put it to the back of my mind and just kept buying bigger, looser clothes. But one day I noticed myself in a shop window and I was shocked by what I saw. Clemmie has been my friend for years and I saw first of all her own transformation but also that she was helping others with theirs so it was a no brainer.

I have been on every diet going, from Atkins, Dukan and calorie counting and as much as they worked short term it just wasn't sustainable and my weight just kept creeping back on. Clemmie opened my eyes to a different tact to weight loss that was not just a quick fix but a lifestyle change and that is what I desperately needed. I was eating all the wrong things at the wrong times which was doing all the wrong things to my body. But after such a short time I was convinced this was going to work.

Looking back, physically I think I was perpetually bloated from eating all the wrong things and not drinking enough water (I certainly wasn't going to the gym enough). Also mentally I think I had lost a lot of confidence even though I don't think I noticed it at the time as I was constantly covering up with multiple layers and baggy clothes.

The hardest part was getting into the habit of exercising regularly and getting my head around the mathematics of macros. But once I finally did it became second nature. Oh also, juice cleanses... they are pretty hard but they bloody well work!

The endless support from Clemmie and Mikey really helps when I inevitably hit a wall or my weight plateaus as you need words of encouragement occasionally to power you on.

Plus they are always there to change things up, macros and workout wise to keep you on track. Also keeping on top of progress photos is a real boost as you can physically see the changes in your body, which I have personally never seen in myself before doing this.


The most rewarding part was seeing the changes almost immediately and not just seeing the weight drop off but also now how my body has transformed. I now have muscles! Who knew?!

I feel so much more confident in myself and in my body as I would never have dreamed of wearing clothes that I wear now. I feel like I have had a complete overhaul in both body and mind. I actually feel like this is for life as the whole process has completely changed my attitude towards exercise and food.

Running for a train isn't so much of a chore! I would never have been able to do a mammoth hike in Canada last summer if I hadn't been with the body project, and even though it was still pretty mega I did manage it and it was incredibly rewarding that I kept up with much fitter people.

The greatest lesson that I learnt about myself was that I can do it and I have much better will power than I ever thought. I actually enjoy going to the gym now! (Actually, not the going to the gym but the post gym feeling of achievement).

Clemmie and Mikey are bloody brilliant and I couldn't recommend them enough! They have completely transformed me and I will be eternally grateful for everything they have taught me, they are incredible!

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