Blackberry & Mint Smoothie


Smoothies really are the go-to breakfast for busy Mums because who has time for smashed avo on toast when you've got to feed your baby, wash your baby, get your baby dressed, get yourself dressed, reply to a few emails and tidy the house before leaving the house for Baby Sensory class in the morning?

It's also a great way filling yourself up to the brim with amazing nutrients that will make you feel like superwoman all day.

This one is my current fave, mainly because it tastes so darn good but also because its loaded with Vit C to fight off what seems like an endless cold as well as a fabulous nutrient called Manganese; vital for brain function, which I have definitely lost since giving birth! Baby brain is real.


  1. Handful of Blackberries

  2. 1 x Banana (for creamy texture, energy and even more nutrients)

  3. 1 x cup coconut milk 

  4. Handful of fresh mint

Give it a quick whizz and consume (whilst breastfeeding, ordering more nappies and doing the online shop all at the same time!).

Clemmie x