Luxury Brownie Bites

Chocolatey gooey heaven.

If you fall victim to the 4pm slump (like I do) and are in need of a quick, healthier fix before you find yourself subconsciously ordering a caramel latte and that almond croissant you've been eyeing up since your commute into work this morning, or if you are trying to find healthier alternatives for your kids after school treats, then these brownie bites are definitely for you!

You can make them in bulk, freeze them, fridge them or bring them all into work for your fellow 4pm slumpers!

They also have just 3 ingredients, take minutes to make and taste pretty great...


3 ingredients

  1. Medjool dates

  2. Almond (or any nut) butter

  3. Cacao powder (cocoa will do)

how to:

Mix ingredients together well until a gooey consistency is formed.

Split into balls of any size (totally down to preference) and serve immediately or keep in the fridge. 

boost nutritional value with:

  • Dessicated coconut
  • Macca powder
  • Chia seeds


Clemmie x