My Second Trimester


This was without doubt, the best trimester for me. In fact, I felt pretty darn amazing during these months!

Happily waving goodbye to morning sickness came with an overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude for finally having my life back - I honestly never thought I'd see the day!

I can't image what it must be like for those poor ladies who deal with morning sickness throughout their pregnancy, my heart goes out to you all :(

What is the 2nd Trimester?

The 2nd Trimester is the middle three months of your pregnancy (weeks 13-28). This is usually a time when women start to feel more 'pregnant' and experience their growing bumps for the first time. It is also called the 'honeymoon period' :)

Telling People.

Well this was amazing! We were bursting to share the news with everyone after we got the all clear from our first scan. We were completely bombarded with love and joy, it was honestly so touching to receive such incredible support from those around us, we felt very, very lucky.


I had a LOT of energy during these months. I was literally leaping out of bed every morning without an alarm, hitting the gym daily, growing our business and catching up with all my friends. Productivity was on a high and I felt pretty awesome! 

My libido also returned, in pretty alarming amounts. Mikey certainly wasn't complaining but I think he was a little overwhelmed by my constant demands, we both were to be honest! We have always had a healthy sex life but this was just outrageous! (sorry, Mum!).

The Science: 

It’s no secret that pregnancy increases a woman’s blood flow and supply. Well, our privates aren’t exempt from this and the extra blood flow actually swells our lady bits, making it a particularly sensitive region. So ladies, make the most of it before the 3rd Trimester kicks in and you can even see your lady parts anymore.


Main craving: Marmite.  In particular, marmite & Peanut Butter on Toast. Sometimes just marmite by the spoonful. It was very weird.

I still couldn't bare the taste of black coffee but grew very fond of milky cappuccinos (with lots of sugar!). My dairy cravings increased a lot during this time which was strange as I am generally rather anti-dairy but for several reason however, I believe you really need to listen to your body (and baby!) during this time so I swapped almond milk for whole milk and introduced greek yogurt into my diet to up my calcium intake.

Growth Spurt.

I was a pretty late bloomer in the bump department then suddenly - boom! We were on on holiday with my best friend and her husband and during that week, I must have doubled in size! It was actually nice to start showing and move away from the awkward 'is she or isn't she' stage. 

Before the spurt, Mikey was getting impatient with my lack of bump and was obsessed with me wearing my 'baby on board' badge at all times to make sure people knew I was actually pregnant. Apart from being fiercely protective, I think he got little kick out of making people stand up to let me sit down, much to my embarrassment!

The Struggles.

I've promised to be 100% honest with you throughout my pregnancy so here we go..

Weight gain.

I continued my ongoing mental battle with weight gain during this trimester. It was pretty rapid and I could see my body changing shape daily, a shape I didn't recognise or particularly warm to at first. Despite the increased libido, I didn't feel very sexy. The cellulite on my legs and bum made me want to cry, my one varicose vein turned into two or three accompanied by a generous helping of purple spider veins. Hormones also do crazy things to you during pregnancy, I became unusually paranoid and insecure and was terrified that Mikey wouldn't fancy me anymore. I must say, Mikey needs a medal for putting up with my random emotional outbursts! Luckily, these were quite rare.


I've been debating whether to include this part or not but the whole point of this blog is to help you expecting ladies feel more normal so I'm going to go straight in and talk about discharge, sorry lads!

The Science:

During pregnancy the cervix and vaginal walls get softer, and discharge increases to help prevent any infections travelling up from the vagina to the womb. Glorious isn't it. Panty-liners were an absolute must if you are lucky enough like me to get this. 

Oh Bladder.

Lastly, whilst we are on the subject of panty-liners, I would just like to mention the embarrassing aftermath of sneezing which for me, meant uncontrollable bladder leakage. 

The Science:

Pregnancy can interfere with the normal way your urethra relaxes and contracts. Hormone changes during pregnancy and added pressure on the bladder from your uterus can also cause stress incontinence. My pelvic floors basically had no chance. Thank god for panty-liners.

The 2nd Scan.


We counted down the days to our second scan. After the first one, you are desperate to do it all over again as it really is the most magical thing seeing this little person that you have created on the screen right in front of you. 

We decided not to find out the sex just yet as we wanted to throw a baby reveal party and find out with all our friends and family. So we took my best friend, Jemima who bravely found out on our behalf and managed to keep it a firm secret for three months! I will share our baby reveal party with you on the next blog!

2nd Trimester must haves.

Below are some suggestions that i'd be super grateful for knowing before entering the 2nd Trimester. I persevered with lots of things for way too long before discovering these little solutions so I hope you find them helpful:


Oh Wow. Pregnancy pillows are a game-changer. This had to be no.1 in my must haves! My sleeps went from sweaty, awkward and uncomfortable to total, cocooned, dream-like zen. I can't recommend these enough - not just for pregnant woman but for anyone who suffers from back ache, has trouble sleeping or like Mikey, just wants a piece of the cosy cocoon action. A definite must have for me.

I purchased mine from Amazon and went for the simple U-shape which has been perfect for me however, there are lots fancy one's out there so go wild!

Mammio MiO.

I discovered Mamma Mio at a baby fair, their products are gorgeous and all organic. I went for the Mamma Mio Pregnancy Saviours which came with:

  • Tummy Rub Butter - for stretch marks, which I put everywhere (tummy, hips, thighs). The cream isn't too oily and is thicker than other creams and I am yet to get any stretch marks :)
  • Boob Tube - this cream was my saviour for itching boobs!
  • Lucky Legs - a lovely cooling foot gel which was just what I needed during those crazy hot summer weeks in the UK!
  • Liquid Yoga Spray - I have been using this every night! It smells amazing and has definitely helped me sleep better.

All of this came to around £48.00 so is definitely more on the luxury side as far as creams go but worth every penny! You can buy it online or at John Lewis.

feet friendly footwear.


The last thing you want are shoes that rub or don't fit properly during pregnancy. I lived in my Birkenstocks. They are so unbelievably comfy, look great and have been perfect for the summer months.

I have the White Arizona one's and am totally obsessed with them.


    hello high rise.



    Sadly, I found that thongs and pretty little pants just didn't work for me anymore when I started to get a proper bump. I tried to persevere but they just dug into me, made me feel squishy and generally uncomfortable, especially as I had already donned the sexy panty-liners! 

    I looked everywhere for the right pair of knickers, the pregnancy one's actually didn't work well with me as they were a bit much for this trimester so I finally came across the M&S High Rise Briefs- yep, pretty rock'n roll. However, they have changed my (pregnancy) life! They not only smooth out any lumps and make me feel so much more comfortable and confident in all my outfits but they are also really supportive on my little baby bump.

    So ladies, I honestly urge you to sort out your knicker situation as soon as you are at this stage, it'll save you a lot of stress!

    Having a good bra is also key. My advice here would be to choose comfort and go for the wireless kind to avoid your bras digging into your ribs as your bump gets bigger! 

    Wardrobe struggles.

    By somewhere in the mid-second trimester you’ve probably reached a point where your regular clothes (workout clothes included) aren’t looking so spicy anymore you are beginning to feel a bit fed up.

    My strategy for my maternity wardrobe: basics, basics, BASICS! Keeping my maternity-specific purchases to a minimum and in mostly neutral tones with lots of different accessories has allowed me to get tons of wear out of each piece. 

    unwind & de-stress.


    I think a lot of women struggle to slow down during pregnancy, I know I certainly did however, I can't express how important it is to find time to unwind at the end of the day. Your baby absorbs all your emotions so it's really important that you create a nice environment for it to grow into a happy little person. I found that evening baths with essential oils, a nice box-set and lot of camomile tea made such a difference for me emotionally. Pukka do a lovely 'Motherkind' tea which I have been using every day.

    I hope you have enjoyed my 2nd Trimester post!  I would love to hear about your experiences so please comment below and share any other useful tips!

    3rd Trimester blog out soon...

    Clemmie x

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